Park life

Park-benchWell, week one of working for myself is almost up. And dare I say it? I have no idea how I ever had the time to hold down a full-time job.

The past few days have been a delightful mix of work, networking and, of course, the occasional pub lunch.

Anyone who’s ever walked away from paid employment to set up on their own will not have done so without the odd wobble, moment of self-doubt and several blank stares from those who can’t fathom why anyone would do something quite so ridiculous.

But remember, an entrepreneur spends a few years of his life as most people won’t so that he can spend the rest of his life as most people can’t. Apparently.

Come back and check the blog next week (if only to make sure that I’m still living by that mantra – and that the mortgage company hasn’t taken my house and offered me a park bench in return).

Having a Ball

ChampagneCorkPopI would now like to declare Bite officially open for business. In true launch style, I’ve smashed a bottle of champers against my computer and look forward to welcoming you all aboard.

My morning started with a networking breakfast and, thankfully, copious amounts of orange juice which heroically battled to dilute the wine still coursing through my veins from the previous day.

My leaving lunch was both raucous and lengthy (is there any other type?) and culminated in a truly wonderful discovery – that being, a Michael Ball track on the jukebox in one of my local hostelries, The Three Daws.

Now I realise not everyone in the pub considered this such a joyous revelation but, thankfully, most were too comatose to protest.

For those who weren’t, I apologise.