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High & dry

feet-under-duvetHappy New Year everyone. It’s been a funny old start to 2014 – mainly because I can’t actually believe it’s 2014. My monster Millennium hangover feels like just yesterday – not a staggering 14 years ago. But one thing I did learn from such over-indulgence was that, contrary to popular belief, it IS possible to feel wretched on champagne. What idiot said you can drink it until it comes out of your ears, and still bounce out of bed the following day? I felt blessed to still have a pulse…

Anyway, with that in mind, I’m attempting the Dryathlon this year (cue much hilarity from friends and family) and am therefore expecting to spend most of January sobbing under a duvet.

Come February, however, I shall emerge, blinking triumphantly into the daylight. And when I do, normal service will be resumed – and all offers of a swift half in The Grapes gratefully received…

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